Obagi Medical Products, Inc. offers a number of different skin care products, designed to ‘help minimize the appearance of premature skin aging, skin damage, hyperpigmentation, acne, and sun damage’ that are available for distribution only through skin care professionals, such as Dr. Reynolds.

Renew Medical Aesthetics in Loveland is an authorized reseller of Obagi products and has the following products, solutions, and systems available to patients:

Obagi Nu-Derm® System: Reduces visible signs of skin aging.

Obagi360™ System: Helps protect and preserve youthful looking skin.

CLENZIderm M.D. ™ System: Helps control acne for clearer, healthier-looking skin.

Obagi-C® Rx System: Helps correct early visible signs of skin aging and maintain younger looking skin.

ELASTIderm® System and Products: Helps eliminate visible signs of aging around the eyes, neck, and chest.

Trentinoin Topical Solution: Topical treatment for acne vulgaris.

Sun Protection Products: Professional-grade sunscreens specific to your skin tone that moisturize skin while protecting against UVA/UVB radiation.


What is LATISSE?

LATISSE is a topical solution applied once daily to the eyelids for 16 weeks to promote eyelash growth, thickening, and darkening. LATISSE is a prescription treatment for hypotrichosis, the medical term for inadequate or not enough eyelashes. It must be prescribed by a doctor, and is not a cosmetic solution for anyone desiring thicker eyelashes. The active ingredient in LATISSE, bimatoprost ophthalmic solution, works by affecting the growth (anagen) phase of the eyelash hair cycle, which increases the length of eyelashes and the number of hairs grown.

Benefits of LATISSE:

  • A clinical study of LATISSE’s effectiveness was conducted across the country including 278 participants. The study showed that after completing the 16-week process, 78% of participants showed differences in their overall lash prominence, including thickness, length and fullness.
  • LATISSE is the first and only FDA-approved prescription treatment for inadequate or not enough eyelashes.
  • LATISSE is quickly gaining credibility and popularity. In its first year alone, about 1.5 million bottles of LATISSE were prescribed.


How do I apply LATISSE?

LATISSE is applied topically with a sterile brush once daily to the base of the upper eyelashes. It is very important not to apply to you lower lid, because excess hair growth outside the treatment area may occur. LATISSE should not be applied in the eyes, but if contact occurs, you do not need to rinse. Because LATISSE is an ophthalmologic solution, it is not expected to cause any harm to the eye or vision.

How soon will I see results?

Most LATISSE users notice lash growth within 4 weeks of treatment, and achieve full results after 16 weeks. The growth and thickening is gradual over time.

How much does LATISSE cost?

One LATISSE kit costs about $120.

What are the possible side effects of LATISSE?

The most common side effect associated with LATISSE is eye redness and/or an itching sensation in the eye, experienced by 4% of users. Other side effects include: skin darkening at application site, increased brown pigmentation of the colored part of the eye, and possible hair growth outside of desired area.


Teeth Whitening

Many factors, including dietary habits (drinking coffee, tea, soda, and red wine) and certain medications, affect the whiteness of your smile. Tooth whitening is an affordable and effective way to combat common causes of tooth discoloration while boosting your self-confidence and improving your appearance.

Opalescence offers a wide range of teeth whitening products designed to brighten your smile. With custom-designed, take home, on-the-go, and in-office options, Opalescence Tooth Whitening Systems accommodate all lifestyles and budgets.

Prescription-strength Opalescence Tooth Whitening Systems are stronger and more effective than over-the-counter teeth whitening products, and are only available through your dentist.

Get more confidence in your smile with the Opalescence Tooth Whitening System


Opalescence Take Home Whitening Gels are only available through your dentist. While using the Opalescence Tooth Whitening System, your dentist will supervise your treatment from initial consultation through completion. The special whitening gel will not affect your gums, and in many cases can help improve your oral health by strengthening tooth enamel, decreasing sensitivity, and offering increased cavity prevention.


Powerful, prescription-strength Opalescence Take Home Whitening Gels are available in varying strengths depending on your dental needs. Opalescence Take Home Whitening Gels can provide results after just one night, although results may vary and can take up to a week before you experience noticeable changes.


Opalescence Take Home Whitening Gels are delivered through customized bleaching trays designed to fit your unique smile. Your dentist will create your personal trays from an alginate impression of your mouth; this customization is part of what makes Opalescence Take Home Whitening Gels so effective.

Further customize your Opalescence Take Home Whitening Gel experience by choosing from the five different treatment options: Opalescence, Opalescence® Trèswhite Supreme™, Opalescence® BOOST, and Opalescence after care toothpastes, toothbrushes and OpalPix®. Talk with your dentist about what options are available to you.

Please contact our practice to schedule a consultation, or visit www.opalescence.com to learn more about the Opalescence Tooth Whitening System.

Omni Bioceutical (Stem Cell Growth)

Renew Medical Aesthetics is proud to offer Omni Bioceutical Innovations products. Onmi products offer superior growth factor proteins, amino acids, peptides, and other proteins for use in skin and hair products and procedures. The application of Omni’s innovative products offer the following key benefits:

  • Dramatically increases recovery and reduces downtime with laser procedures (see our offered laser treatments).
  • Aids in cell regeneration
  • Encourages collagen and elastin production
  • Nourishes and rejuvenates hair follicles
  • Reduces inflammation.

Stem Cell Innovation:

Omni’s extensive, physician and science-tested products signal growth factor proteins that are responsible for the regeneration of damaged skin, bone, and tissue. Omni’s products reduce inflammation in the skin — the number one factor for aging, stress, and many other skin ailments. By incorporating Omni products with laser treatments, or as a standalone product for hair and tissue regeneration, our team is able to provide stunning results.

Offered Omni Bioceutical Products:


TaC Core Recovery Complex is formulated to aid in the recovery of the skin following physician-assisted ablative procedures.

*Property of Omni Bioceutical Innovations


TaC Hair Restorative Complex is formulated to specifically aid hair restoration or hair growth treatments. This restorative complex encourages the scalp to replenish hair follicles, allowing for normal and healthy hair regrowth.

*Property of Omni Bioceutical Innovations


A personalized solution in one easy-to-use kit, Omni has combined Core REcovery Serum with 4 of the best at home products for follow-up care after ablative procedures.

*Property of Omni Bioceutical Innovations


TaC Resorative Daily Facial Serum with M-007 is a cell building serum that supports the regeneration of collagen and elastin by utilizing targeted human growth factor proteins.

*Property of Omni Bioceutical Innovations


TaC Restorative Daily Eye Serum with M-007 is a highly concentrated serum that has been formulated with specifically targeted human growth factor proteins to help minimize the signs of aging, stress, and fatigue around the delicate eye area.

*Property of Omni Bioceutical Innovations


TaC Daily Lash & Brow Conditioning Growth Complex with M-007 is a serum of targeted growth factor proteins that promote darker, longer, and naturally fuller eyelashes and eyebrows.

*Property of Omni Bioceutical Innovations

At Renew Medical Aesthetics in Loveland, we are dedicated to providing our clients with premium teeth whitening and skin care products that work. If you have any questions about what skin care products are right for you and your skin type, contact one of our skin care professionals today. We would be happy to discuss your skin care needs.