Scars as a result of acne, trauma, or from previous surgery can often be improved through various scar treatment and revision methods. Dr. Reynolds uses a combination of techniques to achieve the finest results.


A scar may need to be excised and the tissues put back together in such a way as to relieve tension and make the scar line less noticeable. One of the many examples of this is a “w”-plasty where a straight line scar is “broken”-up.” The multiple angles of a “w”-plasty let the scar blend better and move with the surrounding tissue more freely.


Today dermabrasion is still the best technique for certain types of scar revision. Scars resulting in uneven edges or pitting are well treated by dermabrasion. This is because the visibility of scars is increased when a ridge or uneven edge is present. Laser resurfacing is so uniform that it does not change the edge unless used in a particular way that is technically difficult. Dermabrasion is best for smoothing uneven edges.


Laser resurfacing works by removing a superficial layer of skin to smooth out the scar edges. See more on laser resurfacing.


Certain types of scars that are sunken can benefit from plumping grafts. Connective tissue is obtained from other parts of the body or donor sources and implanted under the scar.


These scar treatment and revision methods are also combined with healing enhancers such as Cimeosil, Mederma, and other silicone products to lead to a smooth result.

Sun exposure on scars and healing wounds should be minimized. Use high SPF sunblock, stay out of the sun, and wear a brimmed hat to protect your skin from the sun’s damaging rays.

A balanced diet with just a small multivitamin is the best for healing. Make sure you eat vegetables and fruits and most importantly drink plenty of water.

Smoking decreases the body’s ability to heal. Stop smoking at least 48 hours prior to and for at least 6 weeks after any surgery.

Is your confidence significantly affected by scarring? Stop having to hide your scars by seeking scar treatment and revision services at Renew Medical Aesthetics in Loveland. We look forward to helping you gain your confidence back!